Oxidants and Antioxidants in Medical Science is an international peer-reviewed scientific periodical dedicated to research around redox interactions in all fields of medicine. The Journal is published quarterly and aims to publish high-quality full-length research papers or brief communications, comprehensive or ‘mini’-review articles as well as original hypotheses reflecting new sights and ideas in following areas:

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• Oxidation/reduction cycles in biological systems
• Role of reactive molecules in signaling
• Mechanistic approach to endogenous antioxidant systems
• Efficacy of dietary or synthetic antioxidants and their relevance to health and disease
• Actual aspects around classic terms like ‘(nitro)-oxidative stress’, ‘oxidative damage’, ‘lipid/protein (per)oxidation’, ‘reactive oxygen/nitrogen species’, ‘radical scavenging’, etc. in redox science

Both experimental and clinical research studies are welcome. By this way, one of the main aims of the Journal is to supply original information from bench to bedside. Thus, submitted manuscripts should provide a significant advance to the field supported by evident data.

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